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360-degree equipment monitoring

Gain full visibility into your hardware, software and equipment through inventories categorized by location or department. Adapt categories using custom fields and manage relationships by linking assets to users. Create reports to easily view who is using what, where – and why.

Understand and
map asset lifecycles

A powerful inventory management solution lets you plan rather than improvise. Stay on top of orders, contracts, renewals and depreciation from one centralized control room, and anticipate future needs to structure your services while satisfying stakeholders. Keep approvals fast, clear and lean.

Streamline with automation

Set values automatically to take the guesswork out of asset management processes and save time, effort and resources. Assign genuine tasks with ease and measure the impact of any changes to further reduce downtime and enable optimization.

“Almost 20% of all tickets created to IT are recurring tasks, such as contract renewals or equipment maintenance. Last year, this meant 581 recurring tasks were automatically created at the right time.”

Vincent Marcoux – IT department, City of Beloeil

Unpack all the benefits of smarter asset management

Unpack all the benefits of smarter asset management

Offload most inventory-related tasks and bring your assets under control. Discover the power of C2!

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