Intuitive service desk

Simplify and categorize requests and processes to attain higher SLAs and improve
overall experience.

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Speed up your service delivery

C2 supports a flexible incident management process to achieve better response time with quick ticket categorization. Published on a self-service portal, a service catalog filtered by company, team or department makes it much easier for your personnel to provide support.

C2’s simple and flexible user portal and knowledge base helps facilitate collaboration and communication between all stakeholders from simple requests to complex projects.

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Optimize your teams’ experience…

Optimize your teams’ experience…

Organize daily work more efficiently with queues, filters, search options and assignment possibilities.

...and your customers’ experience

…and your customers’ experience

Exceed expectations with a practical knowledge base, encouraging the sharing of information.

Ease workload thanks to self service

Ease workload thanks to self service

Route categorized requests without hiccups and headaches. This customizable self-service space allows you to provide an experience tailored to your requestors’ needs.

Unpack all the benefits of robust IT service management

Shape your long-term success with customer-centric services—at an accessible price point. Discover the power of C2.

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Unpack all the benefits of robust IT service management