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Take control over processes

Establish automated assignment processes and kiss manual errors and omissions goodbye. Turn IT into a facilitator through precise, highly efficient workflows that are seamless to the new starter, getting everyone on the same page quickly.

Welcome new employees your way

Leverage the power of C2’s CMDB and automated workflows to simplify employee onboarding. C2 gives you a clear view of users’ credentials, equipment and software license inventory, and approvals status for every step in the onboarding process to ensure everything is ready for your new employee’s first day.

Go from ad-hoc to structured

Meet the expectations of current and new colleagues, then exceed them. Requests, now all genuine, are categorized and prioritized through a service catalog and sent directly to the appropriate department with centralized follow-up by both HR and the manager.

80+ onboarding tasks per employee assigned automatically to the right people at the right time

IT department – City of Beloeil, Canada

Unpack all the benefits of smarter asset management

Unpack all the benefits of smarter onboarding

Offload most onboarding tasks and achieve consistency across the board. Discover the power of C2!

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