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Automate service desk

Only solve recurring queries once. Employees can benefit from a single reliable point of contact with a self-service portal filtered by company, department or team. For other issues, IT gets all the relevant info with form templates in a fully customizable service catalog and the right resources are assigned automatically, including automated confirmations and follow-ups.

Simplify request processing

Stay on top of tickets with robust categorization and prioritization. Reduce the volume of manual interventions to handle only genuine requests, which you’ll be able to resolve with ease. Reference past tickets for fast closing and leverage reports, dashboards and resolution time data for further optimization.

Meet your SLAs

Handle support more efficiently despite the increase in remote work. Meet expectations thanks to fully transparent ticket and equipment tracking and take IT from break-fix to a business partner within your organization. Increase employee engagement and satisfaction while taking back control of your helpdesk.

“We now have a centralized and customized portal. It takes an average of seven minutes to process a request. It’s all generated automatically including confirmations and follow-ups!”

Vincent Marcoux – IT department, City of Beloeil

Unpack all the benefits of smarter asset management

Unpack all the benefits of smarter service desk

Offload most support tasks and accelerate your service delivery. Discover the power of C2!

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